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This is the Beginning~Empowered Women Empower Women

 Hey Babes, 

Well here it is the very first blog post for the Bubbly Boss Babe Community! 

I have thought about a blog off and on a for a while, been encouraged by several people and have just never taken the leap! So. Here I jump! Get it? Leap? 

Ok. Yes, you will be subjected to some of my corny humor. I would like to say that I promise it won't be often, but that's probably incorrect. 

I have had a passion and burning in my belly for a really long time. I love to help women. Empower, uplift, guide women to stepping into the best version of themselves. What does that mean? Well, over the years it has meant helping them to work on mindset, money matters, implementing processes into their daily routines that have helped them to focus and align themselves with the next, best version of themselves. We are always changing, emerging, developing and learning. That part does not change, but what changes is how we process it all. Do we let life happen to us or are we taking the reigns along with God and creating the life that we want to live. 

Let me add a little caviat here as well. I will be referring to God, but that does not mean that you have to believe in God to hang out in the community. You can call Him what you wish (Spirit, Source, Universe, etc.) and still know that you're welcome in this community. I do realize that people have different beliefs when it comes to this subject. You are welcome here!