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Self Love, Why should we even try?


Hey Babes,

Welcome to another blog post! Hope everyone has been great these past few weeks. I took a break from last week, not purposeful, let's call it what was, I didn't take the time to sit down and write. 

I'd like to say that won't happen again, but that would not be real. 

Ok, let's move forward. Maybe I'm stalling a bit as well because as much as you may dislike this topic and squirm a little, I am as well. Why do we do this? Self love is important, but it's a really hard topic. 

It's been said that you can't love others properly until you love yourself. Maybe we should sit in that quote for a minute. Thinking about the love we give to others. Our kiddos, spouses, friends. There's also a quote that says you can't pour from an empty cup. Well, my friends, that has to do will self love as well. 

Let's dive in. 

Self love isn't just a fleeting feeling. It's a deep-rooted acceptance and appreciation of who we are. It begins with understanding that we are inherently worthy of love and respect, regardless of external achievements or validations. It's about recognizing our strengths, weaknesses and accepting ourselves wholely. WHEW! That sounds intense and a bit scary! Hang with me here, I hope you stay until the end! 

Self compassion fits in here as well. Being kind to ourselves, especially in moments of struggle or failure. You know, that little voice inside or heads that is always going. It's that voice that we're talking about here. The one that we always hear and it matters what we're saying! Celebrating achievements are super important! I know that sometimes it's hard to celebrate ourselves, but it's not really always tangible to wait for someone else to celebrate us, so toot that horn girl! Brag on yourself! Make a Facebook post and watch all of the congrats pour in! It's totally ok, and hey if Susie can do it for losing 1/4 of a pound, babe, you can too! 

Self love also has to do with setting healthy boundaries. As a recovering people pleaser, this one is not the easiest for me! It's been a struggle, but it's important in self love. Why? Because boundaries help us stay true and important to ourselves. No one is going to take care or you, like you do! Most people are not looking out for your well being, so it's up to us! It's ok to say no! 

Ok, here's a few more tips and a familiar topic for anyone that's been hanging out in the community for a bit. Self Care, meditation, practicing gratitude and journaling. These all help us to connect to our inner selves. Self care activites like exercise, healthy eating. and adequate rest are crucial for nurtuing our physical and mental health, which in turn, enhances self love. Cultivating gratitude practice shifts our focus from what we lack to appreciating what we have. Gratitude fosters a sense of abundance and contentment, nurthuring a positive relationship with ourselves. 

One more tip and I promise I'll wrap up! But it's one of the most important. 

Letting go of comparison and embracing imperfections. OUCH! Hard, I know. Constantly comparing ourselves to others can erode self-esteem and hinder self-love. Instead, focusing on our individual journey, celebrating our progress (here it is again!) and embracing our unique qualities fosters a more positive self image! Perfection is an unrealistic standard that can lead to self doubt and dissatisfaction. Embracing our imperfections as part of what makes us human also allows us to embrace ourselves fully and authentically. 

By prioritizing self-love, we honor our true selves, cultivate resilience, and build a foundation for meaningful realtionships with others. Remember loving yourself is not slefish~It's a fundamental act of self care and empowerment! 

In you corner and rooting for you~

Your Bestie,


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