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Why would I want a morning routine? Mornings are hard!


Hey Babes,

I know, I know. No one has time any more. No one has time to breathe let alone add a morning routine! 

I hear you saying to me right now, if you think I'm giving up any more sleep, you are cray cray! HAHA does anyone say that anymore? My kids said that ALL. THE. TIME. and it drove me bonkers! Here I am. Using the freaking phrase! Ok. Moving on. 

Morning routine. Can we make a deal? Can you grab 5 minutes out of your lunch break? Ok you're a stay at home mama and you're already exhausted. What about when the kiddos nap. Ok, you're either napping too or you're doing the chores you can't do when the kiddos are awake. What about before you start on any of those, grabbing 5 minutes. It can truly start with 5 minutes.