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This is the Good Stuff~Attitude of Gratitude


Hey Babes!

Have I got a great thought to share with you today! 

I sat down not having any idea what to share or what I wanted to say. Thoughts about spring, it being April crossed my mind and I was just going to lean into something like that. And then when thinking of a title, this popped into my head. So I am running with this instead. 

The good stuff. Hmm. What exacty does that mean? For starters, there's a lot to be said for having an attitude of gratitude. Well, I take it to mean, when you're shooting for a goal, or planning your life, or looking ahead, whatever you want to call it, you're searching for "The Good Stuff." Am I right? 

What if you're already there? Hear me out. I know that could be a bit confusing since I'm the one pushing toward you're next level babe, your higher self, the next amazing level to achieve. 

Hold on though. Are you embracing this level though? Have you stopped to think about that where you are is also a place you've strived for? It's also what you planned for, dreamed of, prayed about in the past? Don't get so focused on your next level that this level goes unappreciated. 

You are always growing evolving and becoming. Being grateful for achieving is also super important! 

I think back to the days where I was writing in my journal daily: I am a great wife. I have an exceptional marriage. I have a loving husband. I have an exceptional sex life. I love living in the house that we bought together. Honestly those days were about two and a half years prior to achieving what I was shooting for. I was determined that I was going to have that life. It took two and a half years, a move across states and a breakup with a guy that didn't want any of those things, to make it happen. Why am I telling you this right now? Reminding you that not only is it important to journal, affirm and be grateful, but that you also need to take inspired action. I thought that I was when I was doing "all the things," and then I had to step into the reality that my current partner, at that time, wanted none of that. 

Fast forward and I've got the good stuff! I have all that I journaled about and more! I am in my office, surrounded by my things, in our house, decorated the way I wanted, listening to him mow as I write this out. This, is the good stuff! This is what I wanted, prayed for, dreamed about. This right here. 

I do want more and I want to continue to evolve, grow, aspire, dream and achieve more goals. 

But. Trust me when I tell you, I am thankful and appreciative for this moment right here as well. 

Sending you so much love and blessings!

Always here in your corner and rooting for you! 

Your bestie~


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