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What's going on?

Hey Besties,


I have been sharing lots of helpful tips in the blogs, but I also want this to be a space where you get a little sneak peek at what's going on in my world too. Why? Well, I feel that sharing things that go on with me, will connect with someone else that will realize you're not alone. Good or bad. 

So, what's going on currently? Well, this weekend, not much of anything! We have been running and gunning for a few weeks and just kind of laid low this weekend. We did a few things and got some things for the house, but not much this week. I'm listening to Spotify and have it on Energetic Happy Mix.

Yep. Guess what. I too have to work on my mindset, mood, generate happiness from a good tune and run with it. Nope. I do not have it all together. I just have honed some skills to help you as well, but let me tell you, it's a daily task. I have one of those brains that will betray me. I will run down a rabbit hole of bull shit if I don't watch it. 

There's times too that my brain is just takes a deep dive and it is just super frustrating! 

For instance. Last weekend I was trying to help my mom, it was her birthday weekend. She loves to gamble, and I do not. So we were going to drop her off and head to do something else. She needs a walker to get around and sometimes gets super tired. So she sat on the walker and I was going to pull her. Well. My flip flop got stuck under her wheel. I was pulling her behind me and the shoe just went right under the wheel. Since I was pulling her behind me, I had no idea it was happening, until it was too late. In the middle of the casino, I am crashing down. The shoe ripped off. Me going down sideways and slamming onto bricks. Why the hell do they have brick on the floor? No idea. So there I am. On the ground. A sweet lady grabs my bag, has her hand out. My husband is saying something. My head is spinning.

I can't understand anything anyone is saying. I just hear noise. I know they're trying to help, but I can't even comprehend anything. All the sudden I yell STOP! Not my finest hour. It felt like it lasted an hour when it was probably over in 10 seconds. Probably less. My brain a fog. I stand up. And I am pissed. Mad that I fell. Mad that it was in the middle of all of these people. Mad that I am at a casino. And I spiral. 

It's literally things so small that send me in a spiral. Anyone else? I have actually met people that say that they don't have things like this happen. Their brains are friendly? You just have this brain the functions to the positive all the time? #jealous  

Luckily my mom had a great time at the casino and won quite a bit of cash. 

So, while my brain told me immediately I was ruining things, I didn't really.

Anyone else? Let me know in the comments! Both ways! If you're one of the lucky people that have friendly brains, I want to know that too! Maybe I can get some tips from you too! 

In you corner and rooting for you~

Your Bestie,


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